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Author Topic: Nortel 5520 POE & Motorola RFS7k & AP7532  (Read 2432 times)

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Nortel 5520 POE & Motorola RFS7k & AP7532
« on: November 18, 2019, 09:35:09 AM »
Hi Everyone,
    Grab a brew, its going to be a long one, But hopefully someone can tell me what I'm doing wrong, This involves a Motorola RFS7K and the AP7532. It may be that I need to get it moved to Motorola forums

Vlan 1 = LAN  Vlan 10 = HotSpot

So I have a Nortel 5520 POE switch. I have set Port 1 as VLAN 10 and the default VLAN is 10, On the port there is an ADSL router which then does the DHCP requests.

Port 2 has the RFS7K connected and this is a trunk port with VLAN 1 & 10, The RFS port is set as a trunk port

Port 3 has an AP7532 the ethernet port on the switch is set to be a trunk with Vlan 1 . The ethernet port on the AP is set as a Access port with allowed VLAN's 1 & 10

And the AP I have created two virtual adapters for Vlan 1 & 10. Then when the wifi networks were created one is for Vlan 1 and the other for Vlan 10.

The wifi networks are set to tunnel ( so all the traffic passes through the controller - RFS7K.

so if I connect to VLAN 1 I get an IP on the LAN no problem and can see the network shares etc
I then connect to the other wifi network ( hotspot ) and get and IP and can get out onto the internet.

So Here is what I wanted to do. I want to move the WLANS from tunnelled to local. The way I read it was that I need to ensure that the port on the Nortel switch that the AP connects to is a trunk port so I changed it from Access to trunk.

I then disabled the Virtual adapters in on the AP7532. then on the RFS7K went in to the wifi config and disabled the wifi, then changed it from tunnelled to local, saved and committed then re-enabled the wifi.

I could see the  wifi put the passkey in but was unable to get an IP, So I set a static IP for the LAN, but was still unable to browse the network

So I put it back as was and it was back to working.

What do I need to do to get the wlans to be locally bridged not tunnelled ?

Both Vlan's have DHCP servers on them. in different subnets. Van 1 is provided by a windows Domain and VLAN 10 by the ADSL router

Any assistance gratefully received