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Author Topic: Need help factory resetting a RFS6000 - WiNG Noob  (Read 2995 times)

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Need help factory resetting a RFS6000 - WiNG Noob
« on: January 13, 2014, 01:01:24 PM »
Hi there,

Just recently started a new job and I inherited a Brocade RFS6000 along with 6 AP650's. The setup was never completed and things are halfway implemented. I tried continuing with it and got a simple WLAN setup, but the rest of my network started suffering performance issues. I suspect this was due to either (1) since our internet is routed through our phones to our computers, possibly an issue with a duplicate VLAN? or (2) I learned the switch can be in a "router" mode or "bridge" mode. It turns out it is in the "router" mode. I would like it to be in "bridge" mode so it can pick up my internal DHCP broadcasts and not have any VLAN's.

The only way I've seen to change the mode is to do a factory reset, but I cannot find any information in Brocade's documentation. Any tips/help would be apprectiated, thanks!!