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Author Topic: Hotspot  (Read 2087 times)

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« on: September 17, 2014, 12:07:48 PM »
Hi people
    This is probably quite simple to answer for someone who knows

 I have setup a VLAN on the WS5100 V3 for Guest users via the WIFI, So the user has to sign a paper disclaimer before they get the wifi key, So on VLAN10 I have an ADSL router that is also the DHCP server for the Clients on the Hotspot, But what I want to do is stop the users on the wifi from accessing the management page of the router, but still access the internet, The reason for this is there is always someone who will try their luck at getting in. So the wifi network is protected by the WPA/WPA2 key so you would assume they are a trusted user, so this would be a "man in the middle" type issue, Its not a major issue but would be nice to lock it down,
From the management side of the WS you can't get to the vlan 10 router and from VLAN10 you cant get to the main network so thata all good,
Vlan 10 - WIFI network setup with WPA/2 IP addresses supplied by ADSL Router
MU clients connect to guest wifi and surf the net
Like to Do
stop the MU from having access to the ADSL router management page :-\