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Author Topic: Help WS5100 cannot adopt AP300 ports  (Read 2261 times)

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Help WS5100 cannot adopt AP300 ports
« on: July 02, 2013, 12:36:54 PM »
Hi to all !

I am trying to install a WS5100 with 24 ports license, but I cannot get the access ports to work properly.

The WS5100 has a build date DEC 05 and is running firmware
The AP300 most of them have buit date MAR 10.
I am using a Cisco L2 Small Business Managed Switch to connect everything together.
I know how to configure the WS5100 (I have already another similar installation, but with older AP300).

As soon as I connect everything together, the WS5100 becomes very slow and it almost impossible to load webpages... It seems that the system is confused by the AP300 ports...

I found on the Motorola website that newer AP300 need to have the Isotope HW patch installed.
I try through CLI to install it using a TFTP server, it connects tries to download the file, but it times out...
see message :

Reading image file header
Extracting files (this can take some time).
Update error:  Unable to get patch file. tftp: last timeout

I can upload new firmware if it solves the problem (provided I find new firmware !!!)

Any ideas / suggestions / help are welcome !!!

Thanks !