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Author Topic: Extreme Networks Agrees to Acquire Wireless LAN Business from Zebra Technologies  (Read 2932 times)

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newbielink:http://www.extremenetworks.com/extreme-networks-agrees-to-acquire-wireless-lan-business-from-zebra-technologies/ [nonactive]

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Here's the press release from Zebra;


I guess Zebra had a tough time convincing existing Motorola/Symbol customers to stay the course.

While Motorola/Symbol didn't have a lot of the "sexy" features the gear was solid and reliable and their support teams really understood wireless.

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Extreme is a good fit for the Zebra product line. Back before they bought Enterasys, Extreme was selling  re-branded Motorola equipment, so they have prior experience with the hardware. I have an Extreme-label AP6511 in my parts room somewhere. Additionally, I don't think Zebra had the right kind of sales channels to compete with Aruba/Cisco in many verticals. If not for that AP6511 in my stores, I never would have even thought to look at Zebra in the first place. Extreme has better sales channels for this equipment... if their support is able to keep up and match this, the product should end up in good hands.

Additionally, IMO, the Zebra hardware is hands-down better than the Enterasys APs Extreme currently sells, but the flash-based WiNG web interface is outdated, and the cli, while capable, is intimidating for new users and leaves many important features not discoverable, unintuitive, or not well documented. My hope is Extreme will merge the best of their Enterasys interface into the Zebra product line, to improve on the nasty flash-based tools that Motorola created and make management easier for sysadmins who primarily need to wear other hats. (Admittedly, I say this with no direct experience with the current Extreme/Enterasys platform. That's why it's a "hope" they'll merge the "best of", rather than an expectation).

My concern is how Extreme raised licensing costs when they bought Enterasys. One of the appealing factors of the Zebra/Motorola line was the low operating costs. Annual AP maintenance/licensing with Zebra was a fraction of what many others were charging. If Extreme does that again on this acquisition, I may have no choice but to go back to a hodge-podge of white-label APs, something I do NOT want to do.

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