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Author Topic: Cisco 8821 phones not connecting on AP300/WS5100 legacy network  (Read 3265 times)

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Cisco 8821 phones not connecting on AP300/WS5100 legacy network
« on: January 31, 2018, 10:19:56 PM »

Have an old network using WS5100 Controllers, and AP300 APs.
We have 7925 Cisco mobile phones that we are upgrading to 8821 Cisco mobiles.

We are using TKIP encryption only for the 7925s.
Our 8821s failed to authenticate until I activated TKIP+AES.

We then loaded latest firmware 11.3.6 onto the 8821s
Firmware on the WS5100 is 2.1 - yes its old, and will all be replaced in next 6months.

What I need to work out is how can I capture data between the phones and the APs on this old system?
I can see the logs in the 8821s - and we think there is a TFTP issue to the Call Manager service, but need to capture data to understand what phones are doing on the old AP300s.

Or has anyone else had this problem with the 8821s?
As a side note - the 8821s work ok in a Cisco environment - eg AP3702 / AP2602s.

What other info can I supply you?
You can see in the attachment that we have an IP address (which we had to give, cos it didnt pick up DHCP IP) and that data is passing to and from the phone, and its associated/authenticated.

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