• November 26, 2020, 05:09:25 AM
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Author Topic: Brocade BR7131 and Brocade RFS4000 conversion to Motorola firmware =>  (Read 4134 times)

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Offline slashi

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Hi !

I have BR-RFS4000 Controller (Brocade) and several  BR7131 Access points.

In forums, and in motorola wing 5.7 release notes there is an information about "conversion images", which allows to use motorola firmware with Brocade devices.

Filenames (according to release notes)are:

Have anyone tried this conversion process?

Is this really possible to upgrade BR-RFS4000 and BR71XX with motorola firmware 5.7, 5.8 and adopt them together with Motorola RFS4000 controller and motorola Access points?
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Offline r12x2

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any info?

Offline McNulty

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Why don't you try it and let us know!