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Author Topic: New software code 9.0  (Read 3960 times)

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New software code 9.0
« on: July 23, 2013, 04:59:28 PM »
Juniper has released software 9.0 for its Wireless LAN Services (WLS).

The following software and there enhancements are available:

Mobility System Software

- JunosV WLC (Virtual Cluster)
- WLC100 (replaces WLC2 and WLC8)
- Hot Spot 2.0
- Persistent WLA configuration
- Extended Authorization Support WLA
- Access Point Power Policy (replaces auto-tuning feature introduced in rel. 8)
- VLAN Pooling Enhancements
- Session Visibility Cluster Configuration
- Extended Character Support
- VLAN and SSID Enhancements


Besides the above features integrated within RingMaster, this version offers improved displays labels of charts legends and tables in regards to Client Summary and Top WLA reports.


- Enhancements to Self Provisioning Feature
- Adding a Third Party SMS Gateway
- Enhanced Security Certification

I haven't had the opportunity to install this new code and enjoy the new features, as I have just upgraded my rel. 8MR1 to the recently released 8MR2 code. This code seems to fix an issue which gave me a real headache regarding packet loss and the falter of audio and video streams. I still face some troubles (short freezes, occasional non-seamless roaming, and a specific band issue with Intel cards), which I'm working on with JTAC.

As I've been having several issues with the auto-tuning feature, which was introduced in rel. 8, I'm glad to see that this release comes with an improved feature called 'Access Point Power Policy'. Hopefully this addresses all issues introduced with auto-tuning, which saves a lot of time minimzing the need to do new site-surveys, re-configuring and fine-tuning of access points.

As the company I'm working at is Microsoft based, I will have to wait to make use of the new Juniper Virtual Controller feature. This is VMware based only at the moment, however during a Juniper Network session which I attended several months ago, I was told Juniper is also working on a HyperV solution.

Please refer to the documentation on the Juniper site for additional information about this new software:


As I'm in the middle of a migration implementing local switching, I haven't had time to upgrade to this new release. As soon as I've finalized this, I will definitely do the upgrade in my test lab.
Hopefully I can share my experience soon with you all, using this new release.

Anyone already upgraded to this new release and its features? Your experience with this new code is welcome.