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Author Topic: Network Connect - nc.windows.gina.23817  (Read 4520 times)

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Network Connect - nc.windows.gina.23817
« on: January 07, 2011, 05:36:48 PM »
I had an interesting problem this afternoon while troubleshooting an issue with a co-worker.

He was working with a new HP EliteBook that had just last week been imaged with our Windows XP Service Pack 3 corporate standard image. He was getting an error (nc.windows.gina.23817) when trying to initially login to the laptop with Network Connect installed with the GINA integration enabled. The Network Connect GINA was launching and everything looked fine but he was getting the following error from the Network Connect client, "Network connected timed out nc.windows.gina.23817".

I took a quick look at the log on the Juniper Secure Access and immediately spotted the problem;

Jan  7 16:37:39 juniper-ive1.mdc.acme.org Juniper: 2011-01-07 16:37:39 - JUNIPER-PRIMARY - [70.2.1.x] testuser(AD Auth AD Groups)[VoIP Users] - strzet/AD Auth AD Groups logged out from IP (70.2.1.x) because user started new session from IP (173.9.3.x).

My co-worker was trying to resolve a problem that a user had been experiencing and was logging into this machine with the user's credentials. Only problem was that the user was already logged into the system at home. While the error message didn't really fit the problem, the Juniper SA SSL VPN appliance wouldn't allow the GINA connection to complete. Worse yet, if he tried to launch Network Connect manually after the login process he would be successful in connecting but he would unknowingly kick her out and then a few minutes later when she logged back in from home she would kick him out and he would get a similar error message.


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