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Author Topic: Setting up a HP J9146al-24G PoE+ switch  (Read 2250 times)

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Setting up a HP J9146al-24G PoE+ switch
« on: July 20, 2019, 10:53:25 AM »
so, my office closed down and I got all the HP switches for free.  I quickly realized that the HP ProCurve J9146al-24G PoE+ where a bit over my head so I started out using the HP ProCurve 1810G - 24 GE.  Those are working wonderfully.  The centerpiece of the network is a UniFi USG that is firewall and router with 5 VLAN's.  The problem I am having is understanding how to setup the HP ProCurve J9146al-24G PoE+ so that I can access it via ssh/telnet.  I have set up the IP address but don't seem to allow me to connect.

Can anyone enlighten me to what I am missing? 

ProCurve PoE(config)# show  vlans

 Status and Counters - VLAN Information

  Maximum VLANs to support : 256
  Primary VLAN : Management LAN
  Management VLAN :

  VLAN ID Name                 | Status     Voice Jumbo
  ------- -------------------- + ---------- ----- -----
  1       Management LAN       | Port-based No    No
server               | Port-based No    No
  31      CHA                  | Port-based No    No
  41      LAN of Milk and H... | Port-based No    No
  100     IoT                  | Port-based No    No

ProCurve PoE# show ip

 Internet (IP) Service

  IP Routing : Disabled

  Default Gateway :
  Default TTL     : 64
  Arp Age         : 20
  Domain Suffix   :
  DNS server      :

  VLAN                 | IP Config  IP Address      Subnet Mask     Proxy ARP
  -------------------- + ---------- --------------- --------------- ---------
  Management LAN       | Manual   No
  server               | Disabled
  CHA                  | Disabled
  LAN of Milk and H... | Disabled
  IoT                  | Disabled

ProCurve PoE(config)# show ip authorized-managers

IPV4 Authorized Managers

 Address :
 Mask    :
 Access  : Manager

ProCurve PoE(config)# show crypto host-public-key babble
1024 gumul-hohac-hukiz-xocov-pakip-bamam-nihen-bulor-zidav-ziver-loxix