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Author Topic: Network Administrator Needed  (Read 2917 times)

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Network Administrator Needed
« on: January 22, 2015, 03:49:03 PM »
Hey Everyone,

I'm not sure how much traffic this particular forum receives but I figured I'd give this a try since we've had a very difficult time finding qualified candidates for a position we have open.

I am in dire need of a good Network Administrator. Primary responsibilities include maintaining the existing voice/data network infrastructure and design/planning of network growth/upgrades and firewalls. The entire network is 99% Avaya (Nortel) with 8610 cores and various 5500 and 4500 series access-layer switches and a few Cisco routers thrown in by some third-parties (but we really don't have to do much with them).

We also have a Nortel CS1000 IP PBX for voice which is mostly serviced by a vendor but knowledge of that system and how it interacts with the data network is obviously crucial.

We are a small, rural (not a lot of money) county in North/Central Florida and this department supports approximately 500 end users/endpoints. Most of those end users are located in one central area connected via our own dark fiber but we do have a few remote offices connected via metro-ethernet services and/or other wide-area circuits.

I'll tell you up front that the pay is not great but it's really not too bad either (every position is lower paid than the private sector but we're on par with the rest of the state and local governments), State retirement program is very good, health and life insurance, good vacation/sick leave accruals and longevity pay. For a qualified individual, this is actually a pretty easy job with enough challenges to keep a highly skilled individual interested. We really do make our own hours, we don't have 25 or more different business units constantly breathing down our necks (I spent 15 years in the private sector before coming here) and since any maintenance/upgrades occur at our pace, we set how often we put in after-hours work. The atmosphere is pretty relaxed, not highly political (but yes, there are some politics just like anywhere else) and everyone is very easy to get along with. The general area is a great place to live, nice weather, cost of living isn't sky high and there's a lot to do both in and around our area.

Ideally, we're looking for someone with at least a few years of experience under his/her belt in managing a medium-size, semi-complex network; not someone who is fresh out of CCNA class and hardly spell VLAN. I can't tell you how many people I've interviewed in the last year that claim to be proficient network engineers and they can't even explain what a VLAN is. I realize I won't be able to afford someone as talented as our gracious forum host and many of the participants here but I do think we can be the perfect fit for someone.

I should have also noted in my original post that this is not a solo position. We do currently have an entry-level network technician on staff for handling day-to-day "break/fix" type of issues, coordinating cable installations, doing a lot of the legwork, running out to remote sites when a site visit is required, etc. This is by no means an "Atlas" type of job so shrugging is okay.

If you have any interest or would like more information, feel free to PM me; I'll be happy to answer any questions anyone might have.
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