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Author Topic: Serial to Ethernet  (Read 2364 times)

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Serial to Ethernet
« on: October 16, 2014, 08:01:31 AM »

Since Windows 7, My prolific Serial to USB cable seem to "crash" my PC (Blue Screen).

I'm looking for a "little box", that can be plugged on the network (with a static/dhcp IP), and that i can connect (via telnet or SSH or Web), that link directly to his attached serial port...

So i will be able to serial configure my switch via the network (with serial commands).

Can you tell me if there is a compagny that did this thing ;)


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Re: Serial to Ethernet
« Reply #1 on: October 16, 2014, 08:59:09 AM »
I use the opengear devices for that usecase.


Also very cool solution is the Airconsole from getconsole.
It is basicly a bluethooth to serial adapter. As long as your computer has bluetooth you can also use that product.

Itīs always the networks fault!

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Re: Serial to Ethernet
« Reply #2 on: October 16, 2014, 10:19:42 AM »
Thanx! :)

I will buy one of theses boxes :)