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Author Topic: Cisco pre sales engineering software  (Read 256 times)

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Cisco pre sales engineering software
« on: October 27, 2020, 01:22:17 PM »
Cisco pre sales engineering software

How does it work?

    The Easy Pre Sales Software Suite™ is uniquely designed to automate Cisco pre sales discovery and migration tasks.
    How amazing would it be to walk into a customers first meeting and provide a full set of documentation including a Visio Drawing of the customers current environment?
    Now you can!
    Simply Run the  Easy Pre Sales Software Suite™ and within minutes you can shift the meeting from discovery to strategic discussion! Heat mapping new opportunities will be a breeze when you are armed with Code versions, device types, optics counts, hardware counts, Device to Mac address resolution and a full network diagram! Problems that take days or weeks to discover will become evident within minutes during that initial meeting. With the click of a mouse you can identify all kinds of network problems and shift that conversation from replacing an end of life device to a new architecture that reduces the threat landscape!
    Bring new meaning to “Trusted Adviser” and show them you are light years ahead of the competition! Just imagine the technical advantage you will gain over ALL of your competitors with the Pre Sales Advanced Software Suite™