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Author Topic: MPLS or VRF Lite  (Read 4224 times)

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MPLS or VRF Lite
« on: February 28, 2013, 06:59:32 PM »
I wonder if somebody can explain to me the technical reasons why one of the two designs below is more secure than the other. The whole idea behind the design is to create a network that will isolate traffic (separate and secure) for two organizations by using the same network infrastructure. Also, what would the benefits and disadvantages be when selecting the one or the other? Both designs use a three-layer network design model.

Design 1:
Core switch - using MPLS
Distribution switch- using MPLS
Access - using MPLS

Design 2:
Core switch- using MPLS
Distribution switch- using MPLS
Access switch- using VRF Lite

My understanding of MPLS or VRF Lite is pretty poor. I believe Design 2 may have less expensive Access switches and is not as secure as Design 1.  I would like to understand what the technical reasons are for this. I am not really a network person, so you may have to explain to me like I am two year old.

Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance!


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Re: MPLS or VRF Lite
« Reply #1 on: March 01, 2013, 04:08:13 AM »
Hi Hein and welcome to the forum,

Basically, MPLS is tagging(Labeling) your traffic at layer 3 (Very similar concept to Vlans at layer 2?).  Your traffic is isolated from source to destination through the MPLS cloud.  Note - IP addressing is unique though.

VRF allows you to overlap the IP addresses, so it doesn't matter if you re-use the same IP address as another customer.

Design 1 would be simpler to implement as long as everyone uses different IP addresses, but if other customers in the same MPLS cloud use the same IP addresses then VRF would be the way to go?

CheerZ and good luck