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Author Topic: Citrix ICA Network RTT  (Read 9383 times)

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Citrix ICA Network RTT
« on: November 07, 2012, 11:32:23 AM »
Greetings all, 

I am not sure if many on these forums have experience with Citrix Edgesight or Citrix in general but here is my issue.
For the past several months my customer has been experiencing very long network latency measurements via the Citrix Edgesight metric on Max Network RTT and Max ICA RTT, talking in the order of 40sec +.  Customer have sporatically reported latency in client sessions.  I can not correlate any specific events to these Max RTT times.  When I analyze the performance of all dependant compute/network resources all systems are within normal operating ranges and show no signs of degrated performance.  Other none citrix resources are not impacted or have not shown signs of being impacted.
So my question is, has anyone else experienced similar issues in seeing these massive Max Network RTT metrics without seeing issues on the dependant systems?  I am beginning to question if these calculations are actually due to client side issues.  Troubleshooting this is challenging with the multiple layers involved and also the Citrix infrastructure is 100% virtualized so I can't easy 'peel out' layers that I feel could be the issue.  Thanks gang!

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Re: Citrix ICA Network RTT
« Reply #1 on: November 07, 2012, 03:03:07 PM »
I don't have any real experience with Citrix Edgesight other than listening to the sales reps. I've been challenged quite a bit lately to prove or disprove the involvement of the network in Citrix related performance issues so I'm somewhat familiar with your challenges. For those not familiar Citrix Edgesight is a solution that allows Citrix to measure network and application round trip times between the client and server (XenApp). The functionality is built into the existing Citrix client so there's nothing for the user to-do.

The ICA round trip time includes the entire event (from first click on client) and resultant graphical output from server. It's essentially an application benchmark of everything involved in the picture. The network RTTs are just that the latency between the two network end-points (client and server).

Are your clients connecting over your internal network? I would suggest you look at the applications you have running in your Citrix environment. In almost ever issue I've investigated the problem was traced back to the either the Citrix server or the server hosting the application (database, web front end, etc).

Good Luck!
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