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Author Topic: Problem with Cisco Traffic Shapping QoS  (Read 2931 times)

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Problem with Cisco Traffic Shapping QoS
« on: January 27, 2017, 09:03:29 PM »
Hello Mr Mcnamara.

Iīm Currently having a issue in my network  with the traffic shaping  performance. First of all i have a MPLS  5 Mbps Links  from branch Offices to the HQ. I need to  monitor  video Camaras from  Branch Office to the HQ,  iīm ussing an access List to clasify the traffic comming from the  Video Camara Server,  and later matching with a class Map,  bellow the exactly  configuration i made:

ip access-list extended Servers
 deny   ip host
 deny   ip host
 deny   ip host host
 deny   ip host host
 permit ip
 permit ip
 permit ip

ip access-list extended Trueconf
 permit ip host host
 permit ip host host

ip access-list extended Video
 permit ip host

ip access-list extended Voz
 permit ip host

class-map match-all Videoconf-traffic
 match access-group name Trueconf
class-map match-all Servers-traffic
 match access-group name Servers
class-map match-all videovigilancia-traffic
 match access-group name Video
class-map match-all WANQoS
class-map match-any voice-traffic
 match dscp ef
 match ip dscp cs3
 match access-group name Voz

policy-map WANQoS
class voice-traffic
  set dscp ef
class Servers-traffic
  police cir 1536000
class Videoconf-traffic
  set dscp af41
class videovigilancia-traffic
  shape average 1536000
 class class-default
policy-map WANQos

When i use Traffic Shapping  in the class videovigilancia-traffic  i can wath the Video Camaras on HQ running excellent, however i got a full BW utilization on the link from HW to the B Office, actually i got on  the  Branch Routerīs Wan interface  more then  5 Mbps going out ,  if i Use  Policing  in this class the  Link does not get  Saturated but i got Shoppy Video on  HQ and that is what i expected   from the Theory because Policy drops exxceed traffic, However i am using the Shaping  set up in other branches with anoter Router model and work fine, i dont know if i could be a  problem with the 2901 cisco Router.

I really appreciate the help you could give me with this issue.

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Re: Problem with Cisco Traffic Shapping QoS
« Reply #1 on: January 28, 2017, 11:21:13 AM »
Hi Luis,

I would guess that your IP camera is putting out more traffic than your 5Mbps MPLS WAN can carry.

Your approach is fine, I wrote a blog post last year detailing how to perform traffic shapping and chaining service policies;


I would guess that the IP camera is probably configured for HD, you should check the bandwidth on the switch port that connects the IP cameras and see if it is exceeding 5Mbps. I would guess it is.

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