• January 18, 2021, 11:46:01 PM
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Author Topic: Cisco ISSU process hung with error message - Assistance Please  (Read 3572 times)

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Hello Forum, another day, another challenge. lol

One of my team members was upgrading the IOS on a pair of 6509 (VSS) chassis using the ISSU process.
She entered the ISSU LOADVERSION command, the command took, and now the STANDBY HOT is continually reloading with the following errors:

611189: 15w4d: Config Sync: Bulk-sync failure due to PRC mismatch. Please check the full list of PRC failures via:
  show redundancy config-sync failures prc

611190: 15w4d: Config Sync: Starting lines from PRC file:
- 70 permit tcp addrgroup IMD_PRNT_ADMINS any portgroup IMD_ADMIN_PORTS

611191: 15w4d: Config Sync: Bulk-sync failure, Reloading Standby

We are currently running on 1 of 2 chassis.

Any ideas on how to recorver from this and finish the ISSU process would greatly be appreciated.