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Author Topic: MLXe Code Upgrades  (Read 4866 times)

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MLXe Code Upgrades
« on: February 05, 2015, 07:13:13 PM »
I have written about ICX and VDX upgrades, but not MLXe's.  So time to fix that.  I am working on the MLXe-4/8/16 systems and had to upgrade them to v5.6.00e this past week.  As always, make sure you have a backup of your config and your old and new software just in case something goes horribly wrong.  I would also advocate grabbing a capture of your pre and post upgrade system configuration by running and capturing the output of the "show tech-support" command.  Now, with the MLXe's you used to have to manually flash each card and ASIC which took hours.  Fortunately Brocade introduced the "manifest" upgrade method.  It's basically an upgrade script file that runs pre-programmed commands.

1) Load up your favorite TFTP server software and unzip the MLXe code.  Make sure your MLXe can get to your TFTP server!

2) Point your TFTP server in to the "\XMR-MLX" root of the unzipped software directory.

3) Look for the "Manifest" file in the root of the unzipped file.  Upgrading to v5.6.00e code means the file is called "XMR-MLX05600e_Manifest.txt" .  If you use different code it will change the name of the manifest file.

4) Run the command "copy tftp system <tftp-IP> manifest <Manifest File>" .  In my case my TFTP server is on my laptop connected as  So my command line is "copy tftp system manifest XMR-MLX05600e_Manifest.txt"

5) Wait for the next 30-60 minutes as it pulls code updates from your TFTP server and copies and flashes the code on all the components.  Believe me, this is a big improvement over how you use to have to do it by hand.

6) When it's done, you still have a bit more to do.  In my case, the Manifest file has not upgraded the boot code for the cards in this release.  So you have to do it by hand.  If you run the command "show flash" it will dump the software version on all the cards in the system.  In my case, they are still from the v5.5.00e code on from before and I need v5.6.00e.

7) Change your TFTP server's root to the "\XMR-MLX\Boot\ManagementModule" directory.  First, upgrade the management module boot image.  Run the command "copy tftp flash <tftp-srvr> xmprm05600.bin boot".  It's a fast command to run and should be done in a few seconds.

8 ) Change your TFTP server's root to the "\XMR-MLX\Boot\InterfaceModule" directory.  Now we are going to upgrade the line cards boot image.  Run the command "copy tftp lp <tftp-srvr> xmlprm05300.bin boot all".  Depending on how many and types of cards, this could take a minute or two to run.

9) I would run a "show flash" again to make sure all the cards are running the right software.  Then it's time to reboot the chassis with "reload". 

And that should be it.  The MLXe takes a while to boot up, but you should be done.  Make sure you read your release notes carefully as some code doesn't support some types of modules in the unit.

Hope this helps someone.