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Author Topic: Booting from Secondary Flash  (Read 7182 times)

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Booting from Secondary Flash
« on: April 16, 2015, 04:13:52 PM »
Pro tip: If your running an ICX you have two copies of code in the system.  One is switching code (layer 2 only) and one is routing code (layer 2 and 3).  Since you loose nothing running the routing code I typically use that, but it's not the default code to run.  So you need to set the switch to boot from the secondary flash image.  This is done by the following commands.

ICX6610-48 Switch#configure terminal
ICX6610-48 Switch(config)#boot system flash secondary
ICX6610-48 Switch(config)#write memory
ICX6610-48 Switch(config)#reload

"This will make device reboot and load the code from the secondary flash. Note that we did this from within the config level and not the enable prompt level.  Entering the command ‘boot system flash secondary’ from the enable prompt will cause the device to reboot into the secondary flash BUT will not make this persistent across reloads."